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The mission of the Winkler Heritage Society is to promote and encourage public interest in the heritage of Winkler and surrounding communities by preserving and exhibiting records and artifacts from the past, with the intent of connecting the present generation with their forefathers and their contribution to Manitoba.

Winkler Centennial Quilt by Erna Elias

Winkler Centennial Quilt

by Erna Elias

The Winkler Heritage Society featured the Winkler Centennial Quilt, which was completed in 2006, in time to become part of the city’s centennial celebrations.  The quilt can be seen at the Winker Centennial Library, where it was hung after the centennial activities were over.

Living Between Worlds book cover

Winkler Centennial Books

Winkler history books are sold for $20.00 and are available at the museum and archive.

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