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Winkler Heritage Museum now open!

The Winkler Heritage Museum is now open in the north west corner of the Southland Mall.


One area shows medical items used years ago. The cabinet belonged to Dr. C.W. Wiebe and was used in the clinic, then on Main Street. Today this building is the Wiens Doell Law Office.

The Winkler Centennial Quilt
by Erna Elias

Click on the quilt for
a larger view.


The Winkler Heritage Society featured the Winkler Centennial Quilt, which was completed in 2006, in time to become part of the city’s centennial celebrations.
The quilt can be seen at the Winkler Centennial Library, where it was hung after the centennial activities were over.

Winkler Centennial books

Winkler history books are sold for $20
and are available at the museum and archive.

Please click here to download the book order form.


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