About Us

The Winkler Heritage Society was established in 1999.
Among its first projects were:

  • The preparation and production of historical placemats depicting various scenes and characters from Winkler's past.
  • The creation of a heritage piece in the Prairie Green Park on Prairieview Drive. This heritage piece includes a cairn on which are inscribed the names of the earliest Mennonite pioneers who came to the area in 1876 and settled in the now-extinct village of Hoffnungsfeld. Very many of these families eventually moved to the village of Winkler and were among its earliest residents. The trees in the park have been planted in memory of these pioneers. As an additional note, this cairn was re-located to the new Bethel Heritage Park in 2010. It now resides in the new park with other cairns that honor the German and Jewish settlers, in addition to the war veterans and conscientious objectors.

Since its inception in 1999 the Winkler Heritage Society has been involved in the following projects and activities:

  • Annual fundraising banquets every fall
  • Historic walking tours of the downtown area on Canada Day
  • Development of a Winkler Centennial book (The society continues to have these books available for sale)
  • Historic displays in the foyer of City Hall
  • In 2006 the society set up a mini-museum for one week in the ALG Professional Centre in honor of Winkler's centennial
  • Operating an archive of Winkler artifacts in the Winkler Centennial Library
  • Most recently the Heritage Society provided information for the storyboards for the Bethel Heritage Park, scheduled to open in June, 2011
  • The society continues to publish the newsletter “Heritage Happenings” four times a year which is distributed to members and various libraries and archives
  • On August 3, 2011 the Society opened the Winkler Heritage Museum in the Southland Mall.

Goals and Objectives

  • Nurture recognition and awareness of early pioneers and of the history of Winkler.
  • Establish an historical archive in the new library. (Completed with the opening of the new library)
  • Identification of heritage sites and memorials.
  • Establishing a bursary fund.

Membership Fees

Annual, calendar-year Membership Fee ...........$20.00
For couples who both want to be members.......$30.00/couple

Membership in the Society is open to all residents, organizations & businesses of Winkler and surrounding district; former "Winklerites" and friends.

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Organization and Structure:

The current Executive elected by the Members is:
Randy Rietze - chair
Tonille Peters - secretary
Ed Zacharias - treasurer

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive and the WHS Member Chairpersons of active, appointed sub-committees in the Society.

Society Committees

  • Heritage Happenings
  • Archives
  • Museum
  • Bursaries

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