Winkler Heritage ARCHIVES

Located in the Winkler Library.


The Archives serves the entire population of Winkler & district by protecting information and archival media of fundamental significance in establishing, maintaining, and developing community identities.

We accept:

-Items pertaining to the history of
-Winkler and district
-Items that are unique to our archive mandate.
-Paper items, documents,(journals, correspondence, certificates, wills,records, pertaining to Winkler)
-Pictures (photos, paintings,pertaining to Winkler) slides? negatives?
-Maps (no old school maps; they could be found somewhere else)
-Books (no text books, except maybe for exhibit)
-History magazines (having to do with Winkler & district)
-Year books (city of Winkler, people who lived in Winkler & district, school districts)

Hours: Wednesdays 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
or by appointment contact:
Ed: 204-325-8929
Marj: 204-325-8644

The archives has many old photos of Winkler's past businesses, one of which is the D.D. Epp Flour Dealer dealership. He started the business in 1938 in this small shack. When his sons grew up it became D.D. Epp and Sons.


The Winkler Heritage Society (WHS) is offering two scholarships of $100-$200 annually to high school students for an original essay of research on an aspect of the history of Winkler and/or surrounding communities. The project could also be in the form of a video.

The work will be judged by a panel chosen by the WHS and the amount of the scholarship will depend on the quality of the work.

The work will become the property of the WHS with a view to publishing it.

Further information regarding this project may be obtained from Archivist Ed Falk at 204-325-8929.

Stones and Stories Project

In 2010 Arnie Neufeld and Bruce Wiebe began to gather obituaries and stories of people buried in the Winkler Cemeteries. When Arnie suddenly passed away, a new person was needed to take over this work. Don Dyck took over the work for a time. Now Randy Rietze has begun to work with material he has on hand. He needs input from the public to help him continue with the job, such as obituaries and life histories of loved ones who are buried in the Winkler Cemetery and Westridge Memorial Gardens.

Contact Randy Rietze
Randy Rietze, Winkler Heritage Society
185 Main Street
Winkler, MB R6W 1B4

Cell: 204-325-2983
Home: 204-325-9771
Work: 204-325-7342

Or drop-off at the Winkler Centennial Library desk.

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