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Museum Hours of Operation (Southland Mall)

Museum New Hours

Sunday: closed
Monday: closed
Tues-Sat 10-3pm



The Winkler Heritage Society publishes the newsletter “Heritage Happenings” four times a year. Members receive the newsletter in its entirety, however, below are some excerpts from the publication. To become a member of the Society and obtain your own copy, please click on “Memberships” on the tabs at the top of the page.

Winkler School District (PDF)
Sonya Peters and Ella Friesen biography (PDF)
History of MCC (PDF)
Tribute To JR Walkof (PDF) Story of Dr. Cornelius W. Wiebe (PDF)
Devastating Fires (PDF)

Heritage Happenings (sample)

  • Heritage Highlights is a column submitted by the Winkler Heritage Society and will appear regularly in the Winkler Times.  The first one appeared in the Times on February 7, 2019

Editor: Marjorie Hildebrand